Yerecic Label


Glitzy label add-ons

Yerecic’s LabelBling™ labels offer attention-grabbing packaging solutions for a low cost.

The new LabelBling™ line uses holographic films, sparkle inks, embossing or a combination of these effects to highlight products and differentiate them from the rest of the meat packages in the case.

Our LabelBling™ research shows that eye-catching effects effectively distinguish your product, and tells customers to pick the special package to learn about how to make a delicious meal at home.


  • Elevates your brand and the perception of quality surrounding the packages customers see it on.
  • Enhances appearance at the shelf level to inspire purchase.
  • Low-cost solution for a high-end result.

About the Company

Nearly a half-century of expertise.

Yerecic Label has a 45-year track record of bringing unmatched expertise to the perishables industry. From true lean manufacturing processes to providing each client with a dedicated team, Yerecic provides an experience that makes labeling as easy as possible for our clients.

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