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LabelINSIGHT for Retailers: Want to know more than just what’s on your shelves? How you can find more connections between your products and your customers? Imagine a real-time look into not just what is on your shelves but what’s inside every single product. LabelINSIGHT is a complete, affordable turn key solution that is customizable to your specific business needs.

LabelINSIGHT for CPG: Want to stay competitive with the latest trends in product formulation and claims messaging? FoodEssentials specializes in aggregating food label data sources and processing raw label information to assign additive, allergen, ingredient, and nutrient properties to each product. Analyze claims and properties at enterprise level capacity using the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive product label database.


  • Get your products in front of retailers when they are making inventory decisions.
  • Use the industry standard product label database partnered with the FDA and utilized by major retailers in the U.S. market including 70% of grocery retail sales.
  • Compare your products to the market and to the live retail marketplace using our over 12,000+ unique attributes.

About the Company

Label Insight. 

One Submission. One Platform. Every Retailer. 

1. Get your products in front of retailers when they are making inventory decisions 
2. Partnered with the FDA 
3. Compare your products to the live grocery marketplace using over 10,000 unique product attributes 

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