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We are a preferred labels supplier for many leading manufacturers and retailers, and specialise in bespoke labels, with or without barcodes, and with no minimum order size. 


  • Self-Adhesive Labels: Barcode labels, EU 1169/2011 labels, Promotional and product labels, Blank Labels, Sequential and variable data labels, and Security and tamper evident labels.
  • Thermal printers: CAB A+, CAB Mach 4, and GoDex Range.
  • Consumable: Thermal transfer ribbons, Applicators/Dispensers, Swing Tags, and Coupons.

About the Company

Axicon Auto ID is a world leader in barcode verification, having developed and manufactured our own verifiers since 1989.  Axicon barcode verifiers are used across the globe and are fully compliant with the international ISO/IEC standards for both linear and matrix bar codes.  These verifiers are used to measure the quality of printed barcodes, on all levels of product packaging.
Established in 1978 as a provider of high-quality barcode images for the printing industry, we still specialise in producing barcode images, and barcode labels, as well as a range of barcode verification equipment.  We also provide a range of services to support our clients, including training, consultancy, and barcode verification.
Axicon develops, manufactures and maintains its range of barcode verifiers at the company headquarters, north of Oxford.  Our range of barcode verifiers is distributed through a network of international partners across the globe, and our clients include major manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

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