Latest Hardware & IoT Products

Latest Hardware & IoT Products




Hardware and IoT innovations are best met in person, not online.

Sense: Unconventional AR/VR wearables for the holistic human. Go beyond fitness trackers and smartwatches with connected devices that augment your senses and shift how you feel.

Home: Connected devices that enhance how you live, whether at home or in the wild. Elevate your traditional dwelling and active lifestyle with ingenious products that span every domestic space.

Play: Thoughtful toys, games, and robots that inspire young minds and creativity seekers with hands-on learning. Designed to pique curiosity and encourage play—with no age restrictions.

Move: Products that move or make you move. Drones, e-bikes, motorized skateboards, and more inspire or assist in activity whether riding, flying, or gliding.


  • Retail Designed for Discovery: b8ta is the first brick-and-mortar retailer architected to help you discover, experience, and buy the latest tech and IoT products.
  • Hands-On Experience: Shopping is sensory—so why are products packaged and boxed or exclusive to online sites? Get real-life experience with innovative products for the whole picture—not just part of the story.
  • VISIT. DISCOVER. TRY. BUY. b8ta solves the traditional retail problem by putting user experience front and center, making it simple for you to experience and buy new tech and IoT products.

About the Company

b8ta is a software-powered retail showroom for out-of-the-box consumer hardware and IoT products. With user experience at its core, b8ta gives makers complete control over their brands while providing the essential hands-on experience for consumers and early adopters. Visit b8ta at 516 Bryant Street in Palo Alto or online at

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