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Lean Retail Software Systems




Say “hello” to FieldStack™, the only truly integrated lean retail software system for mid-size and large retailers. By fusing elegant inventory, point of sale, loyalty, and eCommerce modules with enhanced analytics, decision making and automation, FieldStack’s Lean Retail Engine™ will help you optimize your retail empire like never before. Get lean with us and grow!

THE FIELDSTACK LEAN RETAIL ENGINE™: Beyond integrated, our system of modules was built as one unified retail software solution. They complete each other and completely meet your retail technology needs.

FIELDSTACK INTELLIGENCE™: The data collection, interpretation and response system that is the hub of our solution

FIELDSTACK SUPPLY™: Inventory automation that puts the right products at the right place and the right time, all as efficiently as possible

FIELDSTACK STORE™: Point-of-sale and back-office tools to empower your superstar retail team with knowledge and service agility

FIELDSTACK OMNI™: True omnichannel that drives your web store, third party channels, in-store fulfillment and so much more

FIELDSTACK FANS™: Loyalty, gift card and CRM management that builds customer relationships, understanding and purchases


  • COMPLETELY SIMPLE: Comprehensive yet easy and fast, FieldStack frees your team from tech distractions.
  • ABUNDANCE, AUTOMATED: We fuel automated processes with data-based wisdom to grow loyalty and sales.
  • LEARNING AND LEAN: FieldStack finds what works in your stores and extends strong models across channels.
  • TRULY TRANSFORMING: FieldStack brings you to retail’s future, and keeps you ahead with cloud-based evolution.

About the Company

FieldStack - The Foundation for Lean Retail. 

Lean Retail is the confluence of flow and resource efficiency. For retailers, that means higher profits, fewer technology headaches, a more current (fast and secure) set of software, and a system that was built to quickly and easily turn your data into information that can drive automated decisions in real time. Offered as a service, FieldStack provides consulting, software, and hosting. 

You’re not the same company you were three years ago. And you won’t be the same company three years from now. That's why we're constantly innovating, working with our clients to extend the FieldStack solution to meet tomorrow's opportunities. This means you can hop off the upgrade treadmill and focus on running a growing retail business. 

The keystone of the FieldStack platform is our retail analytics engine. This engine collects data from throughout your organization, using both data collected by FieldStack and other systems you already have. Many of our clients use the full suite of software we offer. Others use a phased approach, turning on the core functionality at the beginning and rolling out components, such as our web store, later on. 

Naturally, we are also cloud-based, touch-screen enabled, scalable, secure, flexible, modular, PCI compliant, and all of the other buzz words you hear about. 

The core solution includes: 

Back office 
Data analytics 
Predictive analysis 
Inventory management 
Catalog management 

Point of Service and store management 
Web Store 
Customer Kiosk 
Third Party Marketplaces 
Gift Cards 
PCI Compliant Integrated Credit Card Processing 

We look forward to working with you over the coming months.

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