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Artificial Intelligence & Genomics
LifeNome’s DNA-Personalized Wellness Technology 

The computational genomics platform used by LifeNome to generate your reports provides the most rigorous science currently available for genetics-based wellness.

Variations in your genes (called SNPs) are what make you unique and different from others. They impact the way your body processes micro- and macro-nutrients, your muscles and joints structure, your skin characteristics, and many other wellness traits. LifeNome’s AI+Genomics Engine assesses the cumulative effect of multiple SNPs that may impact your wellness traits based on thousands of genetic studies, and provides you with state of the art predisposition likelihood assessment for that trait. Our algorithm analyses more genetic variations (9,000+) and reports more wellness traits (140+) than any other DNA-based wellness report.


LifeNome does not share your personal data without your explicit authorization

  • LifeNome abides by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, or GINA, that protects from discrimination with respect to health insurance and employment decisions on the basis of genetic information. We also abide by COPPA. 

You control your data and profile and can delete them at any time

  • This will erase your raw genetic data from our databases. The wellbeing reports generated will be kept for your future reference. LifeNome does not share any personally identifiable genetic information with any other third party entities. 

LifeNome takes the security of your data seriously

  • We use state of the art security measures and encryption technologies  to safeguard your personal information. You will be responsible for safeguarding your login information and should not share your authentication information to any third party. 

LifeNome provides non-disease wellness information only

  • The information provided by LifeNome does not constitute medical advice and is provided solely as complementary insight to assist you, your nutritionist, fitness instructor, and/or health-care provider in making more personalized decisions for your well-being.

About the Company

LifeNome Inc. is a personal genomics company, leveraging advanced computational genomics platform to provider individuals with information about how their genetic predispositions may affect their well-being. LifeNome offers more than 800 genetic trait predisposition assessments for nutrition, dieting, fitness, skin care, aging, parenting, preventive well-being, allergies and sensitivities, and caffeine/alcohol/cigarette influence on well-being. 

LifeNome is a groundbreaking DNA-based wellness AI company with the aim of revolutionizing how individuals make personalized wellness decisions. LifeNome's Team is comprised of world class scientists in computational genomics, complexity science, artificial intelligence as well as physicians and business leaders.

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