LISNR Smart Tones

LISNR Smart Tones



LISNR Smart Tones inaudibly transmit data from any speaker to any microphone using a secure data-over-audio communication protocol.  Leveraging the speaker system you already have installed, LISNR Smart Tones can deliver content, information, and incentives to your shopper based on their current location and previous activity in your store.  With over 80% of shoppers using their smartphone to assist them during their in-store experience, LISNR Smart Tones provide a seamless and efficient connection between the physical and digital environment.


  • Trigger smart notifications based on timing and specific location that engage customers with new product information and incentives.
  • Determine how long customers are spending in specific areas and create a heat map of the customer journey through your retail environment.
  • NO NEW HARDWARE NEEDED beyond the speaker system already in your store.  Use speakers to transmit data rather than spending on beacons.

About the Company

LISNR is a data-over-audio technology that's born in Cincinnati, raised in New York, and lives in the future.  The company was founded in 2012 and has won numerous awards including a 2015 Cannes Gold Lion for Mobile Innovation.  Some of LISNR's largest clients include John Frieda, Roc Nation, AT&T, and Budweiser.

CART Registered PLUS Due Diligence:

Second level due diligence validating and quantifying solution benefits with existing retail users.

Company Size:  11-50 employees