Our Retail Services 

  • The most sophisticated retailers in the world trust our technology services to power up their mission critical systems. 

Digital Commerce

  • Litmus7 specializes in setup, customizing and upgrading of eCommerce Platforms such as ATG, Oracle Commerce and IBM Sterling Commerce. We provide an end to end service across all systems and technologies required to operate a high performing retail business. 

Services Implementation

  • Retailers today are dependent on an ever growing number of inter-dependent services. Litmus7 excels in making sure that the highest quality and performance is maintained as our customers scale. 

High-End Engineering

  • As more and more retailers are becoming technology companies that are in the business of retail, our services are allowing their teams to develop and deploy faster than ever.

Infrastructure Services

  • We help some of the world's largest and most stable eCommerce websites achieve %99.999 up-time and support billions of visitors around the world. 

Consulting & Research

  • We hire the best experts from all disciplines of retailers. Their wide experience allows us to look at a customer's business and potential from all angles, to conduct root cause analysis as well as identify growth opportunities. 

User Journey & Experience

  • We take great pleasure creating the best and most innovative user experiences in the world and tracking how they increase our customer's conversions as well as shopper satisfaction.




  • Having a great CMS saves time and money. It means that branded content get to the right place at the right time. Litmus7 are experts in CMS implementation, training and change management. 


  • Litmus7 is a proven global leader in the rollout, customization and maintenance of all OMS / WMS / IMS platforms including as Oracle MICROS. Our customers enjoy the best and newest algorithms for Assortment Planning, Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning. 


  • Litmus7 Has vast expertise with rollout and optimization of in-store PoS. Including implementing compliance standards. We are also experts in connecting your offline and online assets, solving channel attribution conflicts and creating great in-store experiences. 


  • Assuring Quality of Service is top of mind to any business. Litmus7 quality architects help our customers sleep at night. Automated Test Coverage, Vulnerability mapping & Performance Testing make sure that all your systems features are always operating according to spec. 


  • Ensuring that all business critical systems are always optimally operational requires specialists and commitment. During holiday seasons or large promotional campaigns, websites must service 100X more visitors at a moment’s notice. We have a proven track record - our customer’s systems can take on any amount of traffic without compromising on the customer experience and without losing any business. 


  • Mobile phones can extend the reach of a retailer’s brand and drive business growth when properly integrated across all channels. At Litmus7 we work to implement a true mobile first mindset which includes benefits from product discovery, in-store navigation and promotional notifications. 


  • The largest retailers in the world rely on Litmus7 to plan and develop architectures that are reliable and scalable. We use the latest practices such as containers, microservices and messaging orchestration to make sure that their systems are agile and can rise to any challenge. 


  • Having a great DevOps team helps your business reduce cost and increase profitability. DevOps improve your team’s velocity and optimize resource utilization. This means that your engineer can develop, deploy and react much faster on any mission. 


  • Join us for a workshop to review your digital performance and omni-channel customer journey. Our consultants are experts on all the latest in IT, processes, technology, products and solutions. We guarantee to provide a detailed plan to help you improve acquisition, conversion, retention, cost reduction as well as improved profitability. 


  • We partner with leading market research groups such as Forrester to ensure that our customers have all the information they need at every decision point to create a sustainable growth strategy. 


  • Design is our passion. Our team contains experienced UX/UI designers as well as product managers specializing in retail and eCommerce. Whether it is developing new products, new features, optimizing conversion or performance marketing. Our customers are confident that we will make their brand shine with every shopper interaction.


  • Litmus7 Is experienced in creating highly personalized digital experiences across online and offline channels so that your customers feel that they are getting special treatment at each and every interaction.

About the Company

Litmus7 is envisaged and designed to radically revamp the more than three decades old conventional retail technology practices using newfound, progressive ways of sculpting partnerships. Our mission is to develop quantum innovation in retail. Founded in 2009, Litmus7 has since braced retailers across the globe to stabilize, scale and transform their e-commerce projects. However, we are beyond just e-commerce specialists, we enable retailers accelerate their digital revenue by reducing the cost of uncertainty. Litmus7 is defined by its distinctive work culture. We have the most exceptionally talented team who are passionate about taking up challenges and solving them while being dedicated to foster business emotions and build lasting relationships that enable clients to grow exponentially.

CART Registered Due Diligence:

First level due diligence ensuring the solution is valid and viable.

Company Size:  201-500 employees