Litmus7 Ecommerce Acceleration Program (LEAP)

Litmus7 Ecommerce Acceleration Program (LEAP)

Litmus7 Systems Consulting


Litmus7 is a first ever, grow together technology venture capitalist partnership model that enables access to technology at no cost for aspiring and emerging retailers, so that their businesses get fast tracked to the next level and digital revenues are accelerated.


Litmus7 Ecommerce Acceleration Program (LEAP) is an Equity-based Technology Partnership that takes away the yearly tech OPEX and CAPEX burden from retailers.The grow together technology venture capitalist partnership model enables access to technology at no cost for aspiring and emerging retailers.

A symbiotic platform, Litmus7 arms online businesses with the right level of technology to accelerate digital revenues and fast-track retailers’ businesses to the next level. LEAP leverages Litmus7's retail technological expertise and managed service experience to bring out end-to-end commerce CIO service. Manufacturers, brands and ambitious retailers are enabled to organically grow their brands by acquiring, engaging and retaining consumers for boosting up their business revenue while LEAP's innovation layer equips retailers with futuristic innovations, powering its inorganic growth.

Engagement models retailers can choose from the LEAP platform include eCommerce as a Service and eCommerce for Equity.

About the Company

Litmus7 is a multinational digital technology company that’s 100% focused on designing the Digital Future of retailing for both retailers and brands ranging from Fortune 100 to emerging and disruptive ones. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Litmus7 is on a mission to rearchitect the “digital world” around “HUMANS” through our visionary initiative, RetailSingularity, augmented by innovation centers in US, Israel and India.

We predict that future of retail will revolve around the decentralized and democratic aspects of retailing. While Litmus7 supports major retailers across the globe, we also invest in helping retailers and CPGs to survive in this highly competitive world by enabling brands to demonstrate their value meaningfully to the consumers. We design strategies for our clients around product visibility, total consumer knowledge, brand ethos and its connected ecosystem with an objective to sell responsibly, deliver value to consumers and transform them with the help of technology.

On one hand we are committed to changing the conventional face of today’s retailing, whereas on the other end, we stabilize and scale engineering needs and customer experience to help retailers run their businesses smoothly. Litmus7 focuses on collaboration and unconventional ideas to boost digital revenue for retailers while bridging the gap between the world of buying and selling.

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Company Size:  201-500 employees
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