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locai is the first company to offer a full suite of software that integrates an e-commerce platform with a fulfillment management system.

locai provides a flexible set of solutions including a turn-key eCommerce website, as well as access to great UX features - such as product recommendations, meal planning, and endless aisles - via APIs for easy integration into your existing eCommerce platform. These features have been proven to drive higher basket sizes, and create greater customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

The locai platform is also the first eCommerce solution for grocers to be built on a cloud based architecture that enables order execution via the full spectrum of fulfillment formats. The locai Fulfillment Management System is versatile and capable of supporting numerous operating footprints, from warerooms to dark stores and/or dedicated distribution centers, and while fully integrated with locai's eCommerce Platform, the FMS can easily integrate with other eCommerce platforms and order management systems to create a unique solution for your brand. Embedded with real-time operating metrics, intelligent pick cart building logic and order verification, the locai Fulfillment Management System is proven to reduce operating cost per order while improving order accuracy.


Customers want solutions that simplify their daily routines, and the locai eCommerce SaaS platform provides them with convenience, value, and inspiration. Our proprietary Meal Planning capability, coupled with our eGrocery IQ Engine, delivers personalized recipes, products and content based on dietary preferences, items in cart, past purchases, sale items, and scales recipes based on portion size. It allows you to serve your customers as both their grocer and meal planning partner, impacting their shopping journey by making it effortless and cost effective, as you give them inspirational recipes based on familiar products that are relevant to their family.

Customers also want more choices, which is a difficult problem to solve within the constraints of a traditional brick and mortar store. With the locai Endless Aisles marketplace, you can more effectively compete and keep your customers from going elsewhere by expanding the breadth and depth of your catalog assortment. Empowered to capture sales that would otherwise go to Amazon or CPGs selling direct-to-consumer, you benefit from a revenue share while the distributor manages the carry and fulfillment costs. The locai Endless Aisles marketplace is available as an imbedded user experience within the locai eCommerce platform,as a standalone microsite that can be cross-linked to your existing eCommerce site, or it can be integrated into your existing eCommerce platform via locai’s APIs. With these various options,  adding Endless Aisles becomes a simple solution to your in-store shelf space limitations.

About the Company

Founded by eGrocery veterans from household names like FreshDirect, Peapod, and Relayfoods, Locai’s software suite was developed and validated with millions of orders as the industry evolved. 

It’s locai’s mission to enable grocers to foster a direct relationship with their customers through an engaging omni-channel customer experience that engenders greater customer loyalty and to do so in a way that allows grocers to scale their online operations profitably. As your partners, we will help you claim your position in the eGrocery space, and lay a foundation for continuous growth and evolution.

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Company Size:  Less than 10 employees
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