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Locus is the most advanced supply chain decision-making engine helping you reduce costs, and achieve efficiency, consistency & transparency in operations. 

Locus Dispatcher

Not mere route planner but your algorithmic route optimization officer. 

Autonomous vs Supervised Route Optimisation

  • AI-backed route planning that has a negligible dependency on human intelligence.

Intelligent clubbing of Orders

  • Allocation based on order priority including provisions that can't be transported together

Locus' Proprietary Geocoding Engine

  • Distills and converts even the most ambiguous of addresses into precise geographic coordinates.

Schedule + On-demand Dispatch Planning

  • Optimal handling of on-demand orders along with scheduled orders with rerouting on the go. 

Proprietary Vehicle Allocation Engine

  • Automated recommendation on the best suited vehicles based on traffic, shipment, volume, vehicle type, stop durations,delivery times and more.

Locus MotionTrack 

Real-time fleet tracking, insights & analytics

Real-time fleet tracking system & tracing workforce performance

  • From the first mile to long haul to last mile tracking using the most advanced intuitive dashboard, which is visible real-time with secure and easy sharing of reports and insights.

Real-time ETA

  • Real-time re-routing, delivery route optimization, and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) based on dynamic on-ground conditions. Advanced fleet tracking and insights.

Alerts & insights

  • Granular insights on operations along with instant alerts on exceptions and delay.

Interactive dashboards

  • Analyze your entire supply chain operations using heat maps, trend lines and planned vs actual SLA comparisons.


  • Integrate your web store, ERP solution or other third-party application using Locus API. Complete Logistics Tracking to extract relevant & meaningful data specific to your business needs. 

Locus IntelliSort 

Automated shipment sorting and rider allocation.

The most advanced shipment sorting platform 

  • A comprehensive solution that maintains a high level of accuracy in the sorting process while significantly reducing the time taken. The complete automated parcel sorting process that reduces human dependency.

Exact delivery destination using Locus' geocoding engine

  • Accurate geocoding of addresses. EVA 'Engine for validation of addresses' ensures that addresses are mapped against the corresponding route number irrespective of the quality of address, leaving no room for error.

Automated route allocation

  • Every shipment is automatically assigned to the most optimal delivery route and the rider best suited for it. The coordinates are grouped to create the most profitable routes or clusters and assigned to the right delivery agent beforehand to ensure on-time order fulfilment.

Route printing

  • Routes provided by Intellisort can be printed on the shipping label to eliminate the manual dependence. This can save additional time by simplifying the look-and-pick method that is traditionally followed in shipment sorting.

Locus Field Pro

Beat Planning Software for higher sales productivity 

Automated beat plan

  • Sales beat optimization for mobile workforce leading to increased profitability, resource efficiency, and time savings.

Historical data consideration

  • Field Force Automation by taking historical salesman data into account, such as experience, total revenue generated, the assortment of goods sold, and familiarity with the stores.

Non-overlapping clusters

  • The non-overlapping clusters created for each 'defined group' ensures zero mirror beats in the output.

Outlet classification

  • Locus' permanent journey planner takes into account business rules such as type, category and classification of outlets based on revenue, SKU stream sold and historical performance.

Salesman scores

  • Field Force Tracking to provide individual-level salesman scores and monitoring performances based on historical data.

Geocoding engine

  • Simplifies and converts ambiguous addresses into exact geographic coordinates through "EVA" (Engine for Validation of Addresses).

Beats accounting for real-life constraints

  • FieldPro mimics and improvises factors like fatigue, time of day, seasonality, revenue targets etc.

Automated retail fulfilment

  • Traffic prediction, road constraints, and factors like outlet timing for unloading are considered for optimal daily dynamic route planning for retail fulfilment.


Locus Dispatcher Benefits

  • 25 % Increase in efficiency and productivity gains
  • 45 % Increase in order deliveries
  • 8 % Increase in SLA compliance  

Locus MotionTrack Benefits

Real-time fleet tracking, insights & analytics 

Locus Intellisort Benefits

  • 65 % Decrease in shipment processing time
  • 20 % Decrease in Operational Costs
  • 27 % Increase in deliveries per rider 
  • The most advanced shipment sorting platform

Locus Field Pro

Beat Planning Software for higher sales productivity 

  • 12 % Increase in Sales Serviceability Ratio
  • 20 % Reduction in Beat length time
  • 11 % Reduction in total number of beats

About the Company

Locus is an Intelligent logistics automation platform with in-built route planning, vehicle allocation and 3D packing technology solutions which improves consistency and efficiency of operations, higher customer satisfaction with high adherence to SLAs & last mile live tracking. The platform helps companies and enterprises in e-commerce, food delivery, FMCG and other verticals to automate and optimize their logistics.

We are a lean team who thrive in an open and supportive environment. If you want to work with a startup poised for accelerated growth, get in touch at

At Locus, we build high-end algorithms to replace human decision in Logistics. In-house maker space, APIs controllable lights, Magic Mirrors, Ultra-wide monitors, Tier-1 Internet scale systems, continuous deployments, time to clear technical debts and more, a workplace built by engineers for engineers.

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