Enterprise Augmented Reality - Simplify Complex Business Processes


Integrated Workflows

  • The VIEW engine smoothly integrates business systems and Internet of Things (IoT) inputs with human workflows, enabling environmentally-aware processes. 

Augmented Reality

  • Enterprise information systems, such as warehouse inventory management systems (WMS) and point-of-sales (POS), respond to what they see and direct a user through visual and audio cues without occupying the user’s hands.

Big Data

  • VIEW remembers everything it ever sees and replays any point in time for total accountability and compliance.

About the Company

Augmented Reality Solutions for Enterprise Logistics LogistiVIEW is applying today’s advancements in Augmented Reality wearable technology to create the Effortless Human Interface. Our vision is to create a new mindset about human / computer interaction when it comes to task-oriented jobs, such as warehousing, delivery, assembly, manufacturing, merchandising, etc. By integrating our Human Experience Platform with business systems, LogistiVIEW puts the focus of human / computer interaction back on humans, with an emphasis on efficiency.

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