Lolli gives you free bitcoin when you shop online. 

We believe that bitcoin is the future, however, bitcoin in its current state is not easily accessible. Our mission is to change this with Lolli, making it easy for everyone to earn, save, and share bitcoin. 

What is Lolli?

  • Great question! Lolli is a "cashback" site and browser extension that lets users earn bitcoin when they purchase goods from our partner retailers. We form partnerships with top retailers and get a % of every sale when we send people to their sites to shop. Instead of keeping all the money for ourselves, we share that money with you, the shopper! :)

How does Lolli work?

  • Download the Lolli browser extension. Visit one of our partner stores through our website or browser extension. Lolli alerts you to activate your savings when you get to the online store. Once Lolli has been activated, feel free to shop as you normally would. Lolli will track your purchase and send bitcoin to your Lolli wallet when the retailer pays us.

What is Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin is a digitally native currency -- no need for physical bills or coins, high transaction costs, & international barriers. Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning there's no government, institution, or authority that controls it.

What is "BTC"?

  • BTC is just the currency code for bitcoin. Kinda like USD stands for US Dollars.

How do I use Bitcoin?

  • You can buy real goods from reputable retailers with bitcoin, just as would with USD. Thousands of retailers are already accepting bitcoin as a method of payment.

Is Lolli safe and secure?

  • Yes. Lolli uses state of the art software and network security to ensure your balance is safe. As long as you keep your wallet with Lolli, we have you covered. Keep in mind, though, that if you transfer your balance outside of Lolli, we cannot be held responsible for its security.


Lolli makes it safe, simple and fun for everyone to own bitcoin.

About the Company

We started Lolli with the goal of making it easy to earn, own, and share bitcoin with as many people as possible.

We strongly believe in bitcoin's power as a global alternative currency and universal store of value and want to share it with the world.

Lolli is the first bitcoin rewards application that lets people earn & own bitcoin when they shop online. We've partnered with 500+ top brands to help drive sales and conversions on their sites. When you shop on one of our partner sites, we get a percent of each sale. We then split that percent with you, sending bitcoin to your Lolli wallet! 

The Lolli community is critical to our success. We are looking for leaders, partners, and supporters of all kinds to join us in our mission of sharing bitcoin with the world. Ways to get involved...

  • Join our FB community to share and discover exclusive bitcoin related deals here.
  • Follow us on Twitter for company updates & more ways to earn bitcoin: @trylolli
  • We're a small team and growing quickly - if you're interested in joining the team, please apply here.
  • If you own or work at a brand that's looking to join Lolli, sign-up here.
  • If you're in college and want to be a Lolli ambassador or intern, sign-up here.

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