MACH Software

MACH Software

Data Management Associates


MACH Software is a full multi-channel order management solution. We manage purchasing, order processing, inventory, marketing, accounting, and more. We offer an integrated retail POS module. Our PA-DSS certified application will help you achieve your PCI compliance goal. The MACH suite eliminates the need for multiple software programs.


  • We will help you successfully manage and grow your business.

About the Company

MACH Software (Data Management Associates, Inc.) is an order management solutions company. As a software developer, we specialize in helping your company run the mission critical functions of your business from order management to accounting. Our clients rely on MACH Software to successfully conduct their business every day.

We're best known for two main reasons: 

First - Our software is feature rich at an exceptional value and it will grow with your business. We offer completely integrated programs for e-commerce, call center, order processing, warehouse management, marketing, retail point of sale, promotion analysis, purchasing, and complete accounting/financials. MACH Software is as robust as your business requires.

Second - Our personalized service keeps our clients happy and long-term. We keep MACH lean and focused. Our customer service folks know their stuff and deliver great quality work. And, if your company has a unique need, we work to meet it. 

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