Mail Advertising

Mail Advertising



Direct Mail: While the specifics may vary from product to product, our primary goal remains the same: To help you maximize your return on your advertising investment. Begin by reviewing our direct mail options below, then easily compare products.  Get in touch with us and one of our highly trained Sales Associates will help you find the product solutions that best meet your goals.

Solo Mail: Maximize advertising dollars, save time and money, and gain high readership and response with a mailing devoted to your message ONLY.

Shared Mail: Save on postage and reach more households at a favorable CPM by mailing your printed pieces with offers from other merchants in a single package.


  • Whether your targeted mailing area is large or small, Mspark has direct mail products to meet almost any need and budget.

About the Company

Mspark is a direct marketing company that reaches 22 million rural consumers with 98% household penetration. Our programs center around direct mail and focus on analytics to target the consumers most likely to buy your products and services. 

Mspark, a privately held, national provider of shared mail services, has three production facilities and programs in 27 states and 550+ individual markets. Our 3,000+ client portfolio includes consumer packaged goods manufacturers, retailers and service providers. 

Different communication tools are needed to achieve maximum impact. Whether you're a busy consumer or time-starved business owner, competition has intensified for your resources. With Mspark, explore and enjoy one powerful source to IGNITE RESULTS. 

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Company Size:  501-1000 employees
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