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Following the successful installation of thousands of shops and showrooms it was predictable that Commercial Decor Group would be asked by our clients to return and keep those shops looking as fresh as their initial turnover. Maintaining your installation extends the life of your investment and ensures brand equity. We responded by ordering a customizable maintenance program and now routinely provide repair services, hardware replacements and inspect and repair damaged or aging fixtures for one store or hundreds on a contractual basis. From monthly or quarterly visit to emergency repairs, let us provide a program that makes sense to you.


  • Quality.
  • Consistency.
  • Efficiency.

About the Company

Serving the retail and automotive world for the past 20 years   Commercial Decor Group is a leading nationwide store fixture and millwork installation company specializing in retail and commercial environments. We offer a full service experience from site surveys and project management through installation and maintenance.   Commercial Decor Group’s crews are located throughout the United States and Canada.  Our installers are completely tooled and are equipped with the latest technology to facilitate real-time reporting.   Our commitment is to bring excellence to every project and to consistently deliver high-quality installations.

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