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With all of our collective years of experience, it would be easy to take a “been there, done that” approach to our clients’ marketplace challenges. And, with all of the world-class analytics that we put behind our work, it would be easy to publish thick binders of data with textbook solutions from the proverbial “ivory tower.” Neither approach, however, will get you to the robust, game-changing strategies and solutions that lead to growth and competitive advantage. Instead, we start with a foundation of experiences and knowledge of best-in-class approaches. Then we mine the data and marketplace for insights and understanding. Finally, we stir it all up with our Senior Executive Advisors who offer unique perspectives and challenge each other for productive debate. The results? A clear path forward that leads to stronger market performance.


  • Go-to-Market Strategies, Global Market Development, Brand Portfolio Optimization, Retail Advisory Boards, Retail Channel Architecture, Category and Shopper Insights, Private Label Strategy, and Organizational Structure & Competencies.
  • Over $2B Retail Sales, Headquarters Sales Representation, Fact-Based Selling Strategies, Category Management and Analytics, Top-to-Top Engagement, Retailer Based Teams, Established Relationships, and In-Store Service.

About the Company

Market Performance Group (MPG) is an innovative consulting and sales management services company that specializes in helping consumer product companies define a better path forward to accelerate growth and profitability. For over 10 years, the company has developed an extensive track record of driving success for clients by leading them from market strategy to in-market reality. Our team of industry veterans each have over 20 years of achievement working for the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers, bringing consumer products to market, expanding channels of distribution, building brand equity, driving greater organizational efficiency, and developing effective consumer, category and retail strategies based on complex market realities. Using best practices and proven expertise, we deliver top line growth and bottom line results for manufacturers and retailers alike through our Strategy Consulting and Sales & Retail Services Teams.

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