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Management Consulting

Kurt Salmon


If you are a retailer or maker of consumer goods, Kurt Salmon can help turn your operations into a competitive advantage.

Kurt Salmon works with its clients to build inherently advantaged retail and consumer goods businesses. By helping them design and align the way they operate in order to fully satisfy the desires of their customers, their operations become a strategic competitive advantage.We are strategic implementers. We combine deep functional knowledge of the key processes along the retail and consumer goods value chain with a strategic perspective across a company’s entire business system. Moreover, we understand the interdependencies, the opportunities for leverage—and the risks of unintended consequences. So even when we’re working on only one process or function, we do so in a way that optimizes the whole.


  • Omnichannel, Strategy, Analytics, Retail Big Data, Supply Chain, Product Development and Sourcing, Merchandising and Planning, Store Operations, Information Technology, and Private Equity.

About the Company

Kurt Salmon is a global management consulting firm dedicated to building the market leaders of tomorrow. 

More than just partnering with our clients, we ally with them, integrating ourselves seamlessly into their organizations in order to develop innovative, customized solutions for their 21st-century business issues. 

Succeeding in today’s increasingly complex, consumer-driven environment is an enormous challenge. But companies need to look beyond today; they need to position themselves for continued success in the even more uncertain future. That’s where Kurt Salmon comes in. 

We call it delivering “success for what’s next.” The results are transformative. 

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