Manufacturing Execution Software

Manufacturing Execution Software

Mass Group


Plant managers and floor managers need access to high-level operational data to make real time decisions that impact efficiency and the bottom line. MASS Group's Traceability Made Easy Manufacturing Execution Software solution is the key to complete operational control and visibility. No matter the size of your company – small, local business to enterprise manufacturing plant, our open-architecture, web-based solution can be scaled and customized to meet your needs. 


  • Detect defects and errors before they occur and improve quality control.
  • Reduce waste, scrap, rework and increase cost-savings.
  • Reduce cycle time and time-to-market.

About the Company

For 17 years, MASS Group has provided our clients with effective, web-based manufacturing production management, inventory management, asset management, and maintenance management software and solutions. Our experience and expertise is directly reflected in the flexibility and user-empowered customization our products provide. We want our clients to quickly achieve optimal manufacturing efficiency and create operational excellence with full management KPI visibility.

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