Marketing Services

Marketing Services

The Mars Agency


We are converters on every level imaginable. We link brands to consumers & shoppers, manufacturers to retailers, and retailers to shoppers. We instigate change and make connections that achieve profitable results. We create impact. 


  • Shopper Marketing, Strategic Planning, Retail Consultancy, Creating Impact, Client Leadership, Digital Innovation, Performance Analytics, and Multicultural Marketing.

About the Company

We are The Mars Agency. A leading shopper marketing agency that designs brand experiences that create impact. Through our deep understanding of the whole person and buying experience, we deliver business growth for our Fortune 500 clients through driving consumption and impacting shopper behavior. We make our own rules because we are independently owned, and have been for over 40 years. With offices in many major markets worldwide, and a fast-paced, thriving culture, are you ready to join us and challenge the status quo?


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