Mass Merchant Solutions

Mass Merchant Solutions



​Hussmann offers many products specifically designed for the unique needs of mass merchants. Bulk merchandisers, from the single deck B1X to the tall B4X, are deeper than normal, allowing for greater product capacity needed in the mass merchandising environment. 

Hussmann glass doors for large walk-in coolers and its full line of merchandising options are also available. These products are coupled with store planning, store optimization and food quality consulting. Hussmann also has a world class service organization with coast-to-coast service facilities and over 600 company employed technicians in the US and Canada. These service facilities provide pre-planning, project management, installation, maintenance, and a full range of related support services.


  • Hussmann is a leader in helping Mass Merchants achieve the goal of preserving and effectively merchandising fresh foods.
  • ​Bulk Merchandisers, Glass Doors and Lids​, Refrigeration Systems, Retail Optimization, Service and Installation, Food Quality, EcoShine II LED Lighting, EcoVision Doors.


About the Company

Since 1906, Hussmann has provided innovative products, services and solutions for preserving and merchandising fresh foods. It is recognized throughout the world as a leader in manufacturing, selling, installing, and servicing display equipment and refrigeration systems for customers in the retail food industry. It also provides a variety of services to help food retailers become more efficient and effective. Hussmann serves several key markets, including supermarkets, mass merchants, convenience stores, drug stores, dollar and discount stores, and foodservice operations.

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Company Size:  1001-5000 employees
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