Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Symphony EYC


Symphony EYC solutions give retailers the competitive advantage of having convenient, accurate master data to respond quickly to issues, support strategic decisions and manage change. G.O.L.D. Master Data Management software (MDM) gives you the power to centrally manage key organizational data with better visibility and a shared data structure throughout your business. It allows you to manage items, vendors and locations based on the requirements, operational challenges and best practices of your business. For example, if a vendor agreement is expiring, the system can manage it by date and automatically begins ordering from the replacement provider. Our solution also dramatically improves efficiency by customizing and automating new product adoption. If an item is under-stocked or recalled, the system automatically manages item substitutions. 


  • Single master data across all channels.
  • Centrally manages organizational data.
  • Provides visibility on a shared data structures.

About the Company

Symphony EYC delivers ROI for retailers and manufacturers by using customer insights to drive execution through software and services that enable a better customer experience and optimized operations. 

The solutions optimize multi-channel customer engagement strategies, assortment, merchandising, marketing, inventory fulfillment, store operations and supply chain execution ensuring multi-channel connectivity of both the customer experience and retail operations. 

Deployed in over 70 countries, Symphony EYC is a strategic partner to leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide enabling them to differentiate against the competition, improve productivity and deliver value to the bottom line. 

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