Material Handling Robotics Solution

Material Handling Robotics Solution



AUTONOMOUS MOBILE ROBOTS: Robots are cool. That’s why we design, build and test them at our headquarters. And no, we aren’t training them to take over the world. We are simply working hard to make sure that they are the most efficient solution on the market. Unlike competitors, our Bots can randomly access any-case at any-time in any-sequence at speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

FLEXIBLE, SCALABLE AND MODULAR STRUCTURES: Why be constrained to one layout? Every warehouse has a different blue-print and operational demands. That’s why we provide flexible solutions based on your products, operational flow, and end-customer needs. We also install our system modularly so that your conventional warehouse can continue to operate during the transition.

OPTIONS FOR PALLETIZING AND DEPALLETIZING: Whether you want a fully-automated or semi-automated solution, we’ve got you covered. We have a few options in order to make your warehouse the most efficient. If you chose manual options, then we will guide operators with our custom UIs that display proper order information necessary to fulfill your orders. While our fully-automated solution only requires an operator using a barcode scanner.

SEAMLESS AND BUSINESS-ORIENTED SOFTWARE PACKAGES: Our software is built to integrate with the warehouse management system you use. We have several different reporting dashboards to make your life easier. Whatever you choose you will be offered real-time data and analytics to see just how efficient your warehouse is.


  • DESIGN AND SIMULATION: Since every warehouse has a completely different floor plan and operational flow, we collaborate with your operation wizards to find the best solution for you. Oh and we prove the concepts through simulation before ever breaking ground.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: In order to reinvent your warehouse by your requested go-live date, we utilize our project management and procurement teams to make sure everything arrives, installs and tests well before you activate production mode.
  • OPERATIONAL PLANNING: As robots can’t do EVERYTHING, we offer assistance in site operations in everything from maintenance training to order planning and more so that when you want to take charge of the reins you will have the ability to.
  • 24HR CALL CENTER: Are you having an issue at 4am? No problem, through the assistance of our on-call support team we will help your site become fully-operational again.
  • IT INTEGRATION: In order to have a system depend on robots and software we will have our team work with your team to make sure there is a seamless integration between networks and order processing.
  • OPERATIONAL MONITORING: We integrate our UIs to monitor, maintain and report real-time system status for each and every site. This gives us on-site and off-site teams to have the ability to work seamlessly together to make your warehouse the most efficient.

About the Company

Symbotic® has developed proprietary and innovative robotics and software to deliver an advanced automation solution to make the supply chain faster, more efficient and more profitable for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of all sizes. 

In assembling our talented workforce, we’ve brought together some of the region and industry’s top intellectuals, engineers and other multifaceted professionals. Many of our employees are mechanical, electrical and software engineers, but we’re always on the lookout for talented professionals looking to join our team. Search our jobs database or contact us directly at

Symbotic is headquartered in Wilmington, MA.

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