Linking Retail Shelves To Production Lines

New Consumer Packaged Goods(CPG) & products need not just sit in retail shelves – without having a link back to their production lines.

Our solutions, through a patent pending process, create a feedback link between retail shelves, manufacturing entities & distribution channels - to enable processes that solve out-of-stock issues in retail shelves and also understand customer behavior at the shelf level in real time. 

Helix as the CPG product training platform creates digital copies of products right at the production line in a matter of minutes, and creates an AI model in less than 30 minutes!

as a global database of CPG products holds CPG product AI models and directs them to the appropriate shelves for product recognition, on any retail shelf around the planet!

as a retail shelf data report generator gives real time shelf stock and event data access to sales managers, merchandizers and associates!


Helping CPG, FMCG brands & retailers sell more by ensuring product availability on shelves at all times and understanding customer behavior, while optimizing their merchandising practices & distribution channels using Artificial Intelligence & Internet-of-Things based systems. 

  • Solves “out of stock” issues in retail shelves and coolers
  • Tracing human events at the entrance of the shelf/cooler 
  • Develops insight on customer behavior (who, what, where, when)
  • Data generation through spatio-temporal information capture
  • Enhances distributor performance and automate ordering
  • Real-time data for analytics
  • Solves shelf/cooler “purity” issues
  • Automated ordering
  • Improves brand positioning
  • Continuous learning & improvement

About the Company

Maxerience is a product company that designs, develops and markets advanced electronics for Intelligent systems. Maxerience is into design and development of artificial intelligence based embedded electronic systems including hardware, software, and firmware. Applications include signal and image tagging, electronic training and learning ready systems, electronic assistive aids and other advanced intelligence integrated & embedded electronic sub-systems. Maxerience builds Embedded Visual Intelligence Systems for Object Identification and Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Environments. Maxerience's solutions help retailers perform real time analytics at the "edge"​.

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