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Merchandise Analytics



Trendalytics is a visual analytics platform that marries the art and science of fashion and beauty. We measure how consumers resonate with merchandise trends by identifying and synthesizing product attributes across social chatter, search behavior and shared images to reveal the most relevant insights that are actionable for merchandising and marketing teams. We developed our platform with insights and feedback from over 100 professionals across 40 brands and retailers. 


  • Maximize sales by monitoring how product trends are resonating with customers across the market.
  • Minimize markdowns + RTVs by identifying when key trends are declining based on drop in search + social patterns.
  • Deliver timely campaigns based on shopping behaviors by region + season.

About the Company

Trendalytics is a market intelligence platform for consumer brands and retail. We help companies understand what consumers want today and tomorrow. 

Our platform connects the dots across social media images, online product searches and millions of SKUs shopped across thousands of sites to draw actionable insights on product classifications (e.g., backpacks vs messenger bags) and related attributes (e.g., fringe, leather). Trendalytics provides industry leading client product and marketing insights on what categories to focus on, where to target inventory and marketing spend and when to time deliveries and campaigns based on consumer behaviors. 

Trendalytics is a venture-backed start up based in New York. We were named finalists in the Future of Retail Disruptors at SXSW and Wall Street Journal Start up of the Year.

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