Merchandise Financial Planning

Merchandise Financial Planning

JustEnough Software Corporation


Merchandise Financial Planning is a high-level approach to setting an organization’s sales, margin and inventory targets. During this step in the retail planning process, merchandise planning teams can plan their business without getting caught up in the lower-level details of the product hierarchy.  With JustEnough, users can plan multiple brands, channels and currencies - all in one view.

Additionally, the solution manages an organization’s traditional open-to-buy and offers the flexibility to choose your own planning calendar and manage strategic plan targets across any period within the time dimension. Users can make changes to merchandise financial plans at the highest and lowest levels within the defined product hierarchy.


  • Flexible Planning Grid.
  • Top-Down, Middle-Out, Bottoms-Up Planning.
  • Location and Category Planning.

About the Company

JustEnough® is a leading provider of Demand Management solutions for retail, wholesale and direct-to-consumer businesses and is serving the planning needs of many of the world’s leading brands. Available OnSite and OnCloud, JustEnough’s innovative solutions help companies to forecast customer demand; plan assortments, allocations and inventory; shape demand with markdowns and promotions and then execute on those plans.

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