Merchandising Displays

Merchandising Displays

Nutis Visual Communications Group


For retailers who are trying to generate the greatest visual impact for their products, displays designed with attention-grabbing graphics – supported by strong messaging and placed in the right location within the store – can yield tremendous results.

Point-of-purchase displays are optimal for promoting just about any item – from new products to snacks to beverages to office materials to loss-leader items and more. Displays also are an excellent promotional vehicle for indulging the impulse-driven shopper.


  • Cost effective.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Weight-limit flexible.

About the Company

Nutis is an industry leader, working with brand manufacturers and marketers to elevate product visibility and connect their products with consumers. Our expertise is rooted in designing and producing visually impactful and creative retail merchandising solutions: Dimensional point-of-purchase displays , Temporary or permanent displays , Storefront and interior environments , Lighting systems and light boxes, Wall coverings and wall paper, Large- and wide-format printing, Aisle and end-cap displays, Signage and environmental design, Metal and wood fabrication, Graphic, industrial and construction design, Prototype design and construction, Complete Installation services, Warehouse and fulfillment services. 

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