Merchandising Displays

Merchandising Displays

Borgen Systems


Never to be caught behind the curve, Borgen Systems is working hard to bring new designs and technology to the market. We are expanding our facilities, updating our processes, and training staff to make sure we are providing the next generation of products and services that meet you and your customer’s needs.


  • Floral Display Cases, Deli / Bakery Cases, Wine Display Cases, Custom Displays, Refrigerated Displays and DekFRESH technology™.

About the Company

For over 25 years Borgen has been revolutionizing the merchandise display system industry. With passion for modern, sleek design and robust, quality materials, Borgen raises the bar for what excellence truly means.

The Borgen Systems commitment to excellence is a pledge we have taken seriously throughout our existence. We focus on constructing each of our bakery, deli, floral and wine display cases with top of the line materials and advanced designs. We like to think that this, along with our drive to provide the best customer service possible, is what has propelled Borgen to be the most requested merchandising system manufacturer in 65 of the top 75 supermarket retailers in the United States and Canada.

Let Borgen Systems show you the difference it makes to work with a company built on passion for design and quality when you have us craft your next merchandise display system. Whether you connect with a system we have already dreamt up and built or you have a custom design in mind, Borgen Systems has the drive and experience to produce the display you want.

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