Merchandising Equipment

Merchandising Equipment

Fri-Jado, Inc.


Due to busy lifstyles, consumers today have less and less time to cook. At home they still need a nourishing and tasty meal every day. This explains the growing demand for ready-to-eat meals using healty ingredients that can be prepared quickly for the ultimate home meal replacement. This developing market sector offers interesting opportunities to increase turn-over in both supermarkets and convenience stores.

Our heated and refrigerated merchandisers have been developed for shop owners that want to take advantage of the growing demand for convenience. Our merchandisers are premium quality and technically innovative display units, in which the most diverse products can be displayed to their full advantage ensuring that consumers will be impressed at the first sight with all the delicious food products on display.


  • Grab 'n go merchandisers: Multi Deck, Rotisserie and merchandiser combination: Space Saver, and Heated and refrigerated inline deli case: Hot and Cold Deli Merchandiser.

About the Company

Our product portfolio includes commercial rotisseries, multisseries, combi steamers, merchandisers and bakery ovens. All efficient, reliable and appealing systems that enable our customers to tempt their customers on a daily basis.

All products are marketed through an international network of sales offices and distributors. Fri-Jado has sales offices in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA and China. Besides our own sales offices Fri-Jado works in combination with a distribution and service network that encompasses more than 70 countries around the world. Together we strive to deliver the highest standard of representation and service.

Fri-Jado has its own research and development department that is constantly developing new, safe and eco-friendly technology. To maintain the balance between technology and food, Fri-Jado uses the expertise of food technologists. They closely keep an eye on the culinary aspects of product innovations.

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