Merchandising Management Technology

Merchandising Management Technology

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Retail Merchandising Management Technology


Merchandising Compliance Management

Connect Oasis Merchandising Management Technology is focused on helping retail teams in three ways:

  • Capture a wide range retail site attributes with an intuitive mobile data collection app (Site-Specs™)
  • Combine those attributes with planogram details into our SaaS platform where product can be mapped to a plan (CADx™), business rules applied and all relevant data is consolidated in the cloud, providing teams access to intelligence and execution details.
  • Deploy merchandising resets using our cloud-based App for task management and overall validation.

Unlocking and Consolidating Data

Our technology solutions unlock new levels of value and productivity by consolidating data from existing business tools to the cloud (Site-Intel™). We focus on capturing and configuring planogram details, applying analytics to better understand store-specific requirements in the development of a comprehensive merchandising plan. The objective is to facilitate an enhanced customer experience by rapidly refreshing the merchandise offer.

Mobilizing Data Capture, Sharing & Collaboration

In order to be responsive to the demands of todays’ competitive marketplace, retailers have to empower their teams with tools that make collaboration easy and information accessible. At Connect Oasis we are all about mobilizing data, images and instructions in order to make things happen at the speed of retail. We work with our clients to convert our mobile apps into capture, collaboration and delivery tools that improve decision-making and accelerate execution.


  • CAPTURE STORE-SPECIFIC FIELD CONDITIONS: A Dynamic Store Attribute Database allows your team to tailor campaigns to each site, reducing waste and cost.
  • APPLY ANALYTICS-GAIN INSIGHTS: Consolidate field information and images with data from existing business tools to optimize planning efforts.
  • MANAGE COMPLIANCE-DRIVE SALES: Execute Merchandising Resets and Service requirements - reference plan-o-grams and validate completion in real time.

About the Company

Connect Oasis is a Merchandising Management Technology company focused on providing retailers greater visibility and intelligence to their network of stores. Our value proposition revolves around streamlining capture, sharing and collaboration on the store attributes, planogram details and field team activities that drive merchandising performance (data, photos & drawings). Our core offer consists of two cloud-based applications that give cross-functional retail teams easy access to information for better decision-making, faster execution and superior compliance.Our technology platforms facilitate three key processes that can be used together or as stand-alone applications to drive higher levels of merchandising compliance.

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