Merchandising Pallets

Merchandising Pallets

RTS Retail


Point of purchase displays are a vital influence in promoting consumer purchases. The RTS Merchandising Pallet will not only pose as a POP display but is also an economical way to merchandise. Manufactured from commercial grade UV stabilized polyethylene resin, the pallet is extremely durable and impact resistant. Raise your product off the floor today with the versatile, easy to clean and maintenance free RTS Merchandising Pallet! Available in a variety of stock colours, this unique pallet design will blend into any storefront.


  • Equipped with cut-outs in the bottom so air may flow freely, preventing mold and mildew.
  • Perfect for an end cap or island display.
  • Extremely durable and impact resistant.

About the Company

RTS Companies Inc. is committed to manufacturing and supplying innovative custom and proprietary molded plastic products. We continue with the tradition of producing high quality products for several different markets. In addition to our full product line we have the ability to create custom-designed products for a variety of applications.

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