Merchant Suite

Merchant Suite

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MerchantSuite provides a suite of quick and simple ways of bringing your business online securely. The ability to send mobile friendly invoices by email, accept card payments on a website, or manage your subscription clients are just a start.


  • Plugins: Seamlessly accept purchases in your checkout with MerchantSuite Plugins.
  • API: Integrate your applications to MerchantSuite easily and seamlessly.  
  • Payment Page: Accept card payments from your customers online.
  • Tokenisation: Securely store your customers' card details for faster checkouts and recurring payments.
  • Invoices: Create, email and receive card payments for invoices all in one place.
  • Payment Terminal:  Process card payments using any internet enabled computer, tablet or SmartPhone.

About the Company

At MerchantSuite we strive to make card payments simple so that you can focus on looking after your clients and running your business. We offer more than just a payment gateway because we know you want more value than just an API. Invoicing, Payment Requests, On Account billing and payment plans management tools are just a start.

Six reasons why businesses around the world trust us

1) Our Solutions

Our solutions have been available to businesses around the world under the various brands of our white label partners, and used by over 20,000 businesses of all sizes. They have won many innovation awards in Australia and internationally. Now you can buy direct from MerchantSuite.

We can improve your business processes related to receivables payments while effectively reducing the scope of your organisation's PCI DSS compliance program so you can focus on your core business activity instead of card data security.

2) Our Compliance

Our products, systems and processes are all assessed to Tier 1 levels of compliance with the international PCI-DSS standard by Underwriters Laboratories.

Click here to download our latest PCI DSS certificate.

3) Our Team

Most of our staff have a background in security, corporate IT, risk management, banking, military or law enforcement. All staff undergo Police clearance and reference checks prior to joining our team. Our senior management team and founders have been in the secure payments industry for over 10 years each.

4) Our Partner

From delivering data centres to hardware encryption, our partners help us deliver our services with security and privacy as their prime deliverables. Helping with the secure capture, transmission and storage of millions of card details and personal data elements every day.

5) Powered by

The MerchantSuite platform is powered by Premier Technologies who deliver innovative and reliable card payment solutions in close partnership with MasterCard worldwide since 2007.

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