Disrupting Outdated Traditional Solutions With Speed, Scale, And Efficiency

  • Traditional in-store data collection methods cannot provide the insights you need to take action quickly. Our mobile crowdsourcing platform offers multiple solutions with the most flexible and reliable services to help you take action on in-store insights in real-time. 

Shelf Health

  • Establishing a well-informed shelf health strategy will help you improve your brand identity and increase sales lift at the store-level. Our Shelf Health Solution allows you to measure and analyze key in-store metrics affecting your in-store strategy and provide you with insights to optimize store-level efficiency. ​

Display Compliance

  • Maintaining full compliance of in-store displays is a challenge all brands face. Without proper in-store datasets, it’s difficult to know when retailers properly set-up your displays as you initially intended. Our Display Compliance Solution can provide concrete evidence to uncover in-store compliance issues before they impact your sales. 

Associate Evaluation

  • Store associate training is expensive and is often difficult to measure a direct return on investment. Our Associate Evaluation Solution allows you to quantify the effectiveness of your training programs by evaluating employees within stores and allowing you to focus on underperforming locations.

Shopper Sentiment

  • Understanding how your brand is perceived by consumers is a valuable metric to measure within stores. Our Shopper Sentiment Solution tracks important shopper metrics including brand affinity, shopper loyalty, and customer satisfaction in real-time to help you understand your target demographic. 

Merchandising Execution

  • Measuring the effectiveness of your merchandising execution is impossible without mobile crowdsourcing technology. Our Merchandising Execution Solution allows you to make educated decisions to focus merchandising compliance efforts in particular stores based on real-time, crowdsourced datasets. 

Lift Analysis

  • Understanding store-level factors contributing to sales loss in real-time can provide you with the insights you need to make changes quickly. Our advanced Lift Analysis Solution helps you quantify sales lift opportunities by combining our in-store dataset with established store-level POS data partnerships. 

Competitive Intelligence

  • The competitive landscape changes frequently within local markets making it difficult to create a dynamic in-store strategy. Our Competitive Intelligence Solution provides visibility into competitors’ stores to help you stay on top in your market in real-time.


  • Establish benchmarks and take immediate action to improve in-store results.
  • Outdated traditional solutions such as mystery shopping, merchandising partnerships, and surveys cannot provide you with proper insights to take action quickly. Mobile crowdsourcing technology is the only way to get in-store visibility at speed and scale. 
  • Features to keep your stores ahead of the competition.
  • The retail landscape continues to change on a daily basis.  Our goal is to help you make intelligent business decisions based on facts, not assumptions.

About the Company

Mobee was founded in 2011 with a vision to use mobile technology and the power of the crowd to collect the world’s offline data. Mobee is the leader in real-time crowdsourced data & insight for brands, retail & asset management firms. Mobee works with brands, retailers and asset management firms to provide custom location-based data collection through its app, data warehouse and retail intelligence dashboard. Custom location-based data collection helps drive brand and retail performance, improve ROI, measure, monitor and predict. Mobee has cracked the code on gathering intelligence in a simple, scalable way, bridging the massive gap between brands and consumers. With a national reach, Mobee is poised to collect thousands of geo-located data points and photographs in a matter of hours, not months. Brands & retailers can now get real time insights into the leading drivers, “the whys,” of their retail sales across critical performance insights, including; new product launch, competitive intelligence, seasonal program check, in-store promotions & displays, product availability & shelf positioning, product demonstrations, sales associate training & customer messaging. Mobee first created the free mobile app for consumers so they can shop at popular stores while performing undercover “Missions” (similar to a mystery shopper's experience). Shoppers take photos and answer questions about the quality and state of product stock, service quality, store cleanliness, and other information about the location.

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