Index Inc.


Index software can be integrated directly to your existing mobile-app. With this integration, mobile actions are linked to unified Index customer profiles. In this way, you achieve a real-time connection to customers so that you can deliver personalized messaging and premium service through your app. Index supports traditional credit / debit cards and your existing gift / private label cards so that you can encourage adoption and usage of these programs. Finally, Index enables a fast, mobile checkout so that transactions are seamless.


  • Because Index lives in the cloud, Index grows with you and goes where your customers go.
  • Index was built for the world's top retailers.
  • Rather than forcing you to adopt solutions built for small businesses, Index integrates directly to your enterprise point-of-sale systems and payment processors.

About the Company

Index empowers brick-and-mortar retailers to recognize and delight customers.   With Index technology, customer loyalty moves beyond simple reward points and discounted prices. Index provides the backbone that powers lifelong customer relationships. We help retailers personalize experiences and improve service with an omni-channel view of each customer. Index helps retailers to meet and greet customers on the channels where they engage, and harness the power of mobile to elevate and expand these relationships.

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