Mobile Checkout

Mobile Checkout

FutureProof Retail

Scan and Bag Items
Weigh your own
Skip the Line!


The Mobile Checkout retail platform digitizes brick and mortar stores, bringing the convenience and personalization of eCommerce to physical retailers and their customers.

Mobile Checkout Eliminates the Lines
Mobile Checkout is a brandable iOS and Android app, a better system than self-checkout for the complete shopping experience from scan to payment.

Private White-label
Retailers deepen the customer relationship and own the install by deploying the platform as their own-brand staff and shopper apps.

Scan Products
Customers scan and bag while shopping.

Mobile Payment
Pay securely with credit card or mobile wallet directly through the app.

Skip the Line
Customers never wait in line to check out.

Customize to your needs
Expand the system with functionality like loyalty programs or counter service mobile ordering.




  • Reach your Customer Anywhere
    Bring your customer back. Push specials and offers to their phone or email at just the right time.
  • Bigger Baskets with Higher Profits
    We use real time and historical data to recommend private label and additional items to grow baskets and profits.
  • More Throughput; Less Overhead
    Customers do the work of a cashier making your staff more efficient. No need to add checkstands or invest in self checkout kiosks.
  • Loss Prevention Checkpoint
    Prevent abuse of self scanning capabilities by shoppers or staff.
  • Differentiate form the Competition and Comepte with Online
    Associate your brand with the latest and greatest in mobile shopping. Increase the convenience of in-person shopping to win back customers who've gone online. (Or offer eCommerce yourself).
  • FutureProof Your Store
    Grow long term value with every shopper install, on a platform you can control and expand over the long term.

About the Company

Future Proof Retail (FPR), a forward-thinking software company, delivers an easy-to-use, white-labeled check-out app, Mobile Checkout, to shoppers.

Based in New York, NY since 2014, FPR’s goal is to make the shopping experience faster and more convenient for consumers, and more profitable for store-owners. By incorporating self-scanning and bagging with seamless store set-up and utilization, FPR is helping store owners revolutionize their shoppers experience while increasing profits and store traffic.

FPR helps store owners to:

  • Reduce merchandise handling
  • Reduce lines and wait times
  • Reclaim floor space for high profit products
  • Increase impulse purchases by pushing product suggestions to shoppers
  • Gain knowledge of the shopper’s buying habits

FPR is unique because, with Mobile Checkout, they deliver a sustainable, competitive advantage to store-owners that results in increased profits through a better shopping experience. Mobile Checkout provides an effective alternative to traditional loyalty programs and utilizes cutting- edge coding techniques to provide a seamless, intuitive, user-friendly experience to both shoppers and store owners.

CART Registered PLUS Due Diligence:

Second level due diligence validating and quantifying solution benefits with existing retail users.

Company Size:  Less than 10 employees
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