Mobile Commerce App Provider

Mobile Commerce App Provider



MOBILE APPS: We create and manage award-winning transactional mobile apps that deliver a fully integrated brand experience across all channels, driving revenue, conversion and engagement.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Our CMS is a strategic hub for all your app activity, giving you all the tools you need to manage your app. These tools include access to user-friendly analytics and a push messaging dashboard as well as technical support and other resources.

PUSH MESSAGING: Our platform uses targeted push messaging technology to enable you to connect with your users at the right time and in the right place to drive results.

INTELLIGENT ANALYTICS: We provide unique commerce-targeted analytics to help you measure behaviour, understand your user path and optimise conversion, allowing for real-time intelligent commercial trading decisions.

IN-STORE EXPERIENCE: We help you bring customers through your doors by delivering an enhanced shopping experience, including in-app payments and personalised targeting. Our kiosk platform uses touch-screen technology to drive in-store interactions and increase sales.

A/B TESTING: Our A/B Testing platform takes the guesswork out of app improvement by enabling a simple way to test and edit your content.


  • £2 BILLION + In revenue generated for clients.
  • 20 MILLION + Push messages sent per month.
  • EVERY 9 Seconds one of our apps is downloaded.

About the Company

Founded in 2005, NN4M is a leading provider of mobile commerce solutions, positioned at the cutting edge of multi-channel retailing. An award-winning company, we work with a raft of industry leaders including Debenhams, River Island and Mothercare to create compelling, intuitive realisations of the retail and commerce experience across a multitude of digital platforms. 

Unremittingly results-focused, NN4M is an expert partner helping major brands forge an innovative and measurable approach to m-commerce sales that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional e-commerce operations. Our in-house team combines world-class development, design, usability and engineering talent to create, manage and optimise award-winning transactional mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Blackberry, Windows Phone and in-store kiosks. Alongside these products, we also offer a highly advanced push messaging platform, commerce-focused analytics and an intuitive content management system (CMS). 

Mobile commerce is changing the landscape of retailing and NN4M are at the forefront of that change, connecting people, places and products.

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