Mobile Commerce Platform

Mobile Commerce Platform

SeeMore Interactive


We are a mobile commerce platform that utilizes interactive marketing to create unique customer experiences. We make your brand's marketing efforts more engaging to your customers, and provide you with valuable insights and data to make your brand a success. We utilize image recognition, location-based technologies and augmented reality to enable valuable content, such as product recommendations, coupons/offers, interactive video's and more. We are the bridge between physical and digital commerce.


  • Let the Numbers do the Talking: Follow your customer throughout the brand experience, and track their actions for valuable consumer insights.
  • Shop Anywhere, Anytime: Your customers can create wish lists, retrieve coupons, and buy what they want, when they want it.
  • Bring Retails to Life: Keep shoppers intrigued with helpful, exclusive content that features instant merchandise recommendations, tips, videos and more.

About the Company

SeeMore Interactive helps retailers and organizations engage in powerful ways with consumers by creating a new and exciting level of product interaction. SeeMore integrates image recognition, recommendation engine and location-based technologies with augmented reality to turn everything viewed through a consumer’s smartphone or mobile device into a digital, interactive experience.

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