Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering



Information at your fingertips: View item descriptions, pack, size, cost, deals, order history and more!

Easy to use: Browse the catalog, create orders, adjust pricing, print and order shelf tags and more...all from your movile device!

Mimum Requirements: iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iOS v8 or later, Compatible with App Watch.


  • Mobile Ordering brings enhanced ordering capabilities to even the smallest retailers.

About the Company

SUPERVALU INC. is one of the largest grocery wholesalers and retailers in the U.S. with annual sales of approximately $16 billion. SUPERVALU serves customers across the United States through a network of 3,324 stores composed of 3,111 wholesale primary stores operated by customers serviced by SUPERVALU’s food distribution business and 213 traditional retail grocery stores operated under five retail banners in six geographic regions (store counts as of December 2, 2017). Headquartered in Minnesota, SUPERVALU has approximately 31,000 employees. For more information about SUPERVALU visit

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