Mobile Point of Commerce

Mobile Point of Commerce



Empower your store associates with mobile tools to provide unparalleled customer service, drive sales transactions, and execute in-store operations. Bring enterprise data directly to the front of store and maximize store profitability and productivity.

Fiverun mobile Point of Commerce is a native mobile application that offers the following benefits:

Seamless omnichannel visibility and ordering: Provide your customers real-time inventory visibility and ship items anywhere they want, locally and internationally. Seamless integration with ecommerce and ERP systems to create an endless aisle.

Unforgettable customer interactions: Provide personalized service through direct access to customer profiles, shopping history, shipping preferences, birthdays, and wishlist items. Upsell and recommend products to increase basket size. Add notes to provide additional details around the customer.

Secure payments anywhere your customers are: Transact anywhere you run your business - in store, at a pop-up, or during an at-home consultation. Handle new and traditional payment types, from card and cash-based transactions to digital wallets including PayPal, ApplePay, and Alipay.

Real-time store communications: Offer store teams and HQ a direct line of communication. Send individual and group messages to streamline communications. Share top sellers, promotions, sales goals, tasks, and special events to maximize store productivity and sales.

Intuitive and associate-friendly experience: Increase store adoption and reduce handling errors through an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile application. Keep store associates focused on the customer and on store tasks and communications. Updates are seamless and do not require massive training resources.


  • More than Point of Sale.
  • In-store commerce platform to drive better customer experiences.

About the Company

Fiverun helps enterprise brands and retailers enhance the in-store customer experience by bringing ecommerce into brick-and-mortar retail. Built on an agile and extensible platform, Fiverun provides native omnichannel capabilities, streamlines retail operations, and drives innovation quickly. 

Mobile Commerce goes beyond POS and offers an integrated checkout solution with omnichannel capabilities. Touted as the mobile “point-of-commerce”, Fiverun Mobile Commerce brings cross-channel inventory visibility, endless aisle, and buy online pickup in-store capabilities to your customers and sales teams. 

Commerce Connect bridges legacy infrastructure with the latest architecture to bring new capabilities to retailers. Connect synchronizes with existing POS, retail, and commerce systems, and brings capabilities like omnichannel commerce and task management to enhance the in-store experience for both retail customers and staff. 

Commerce 360 is a future-proof commerce platform to manage your retail business anywhere and anytime. Commerce 360 unifies front-of-store and back-end operations, pulling together POS, warehouse, inventory and order management, staffing, and CRM within one single platform. 

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