Mobile POS

Mobile POS



It's easy to help customers on the sales floor when you're armed with a wireless LAN-enabled CipherLab mobile computer and a wireless network in the store. From price checking to finding product and checkout, it can all be done while the customer is selecting an item, trying it on or testing it out, and making the purchase. CipherLab mobile computers help make customers' buying experiences quick and pleasant.


  • A CipherLab mobile computer in the sales associate's hands can accelerate customer service and sales by instantly checking backroom inventory and forwarding sales to the cashier for a speedy checkout.

About the Company

CipherLab is a world leader in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries. CipherLab's expertise is at the convergence of scanning, mobile computing, and business process design. This results more efficient supply chains, field sales services, retail operation and reduced cost of doing business in almost every sector. Our skilled network of reliable partners delivers successful solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses that chose CipherLab for value, performance and quality.

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