Mobile POS Suite

Mobile POS Suite

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With MyAccounts Mobile POS Suite, you can now easily manage long lines during the busiest parts of your sales day, avoiding any potential customer’s satisfaction issues, or even  lost sales, due to long waits.


  • Manage Influx of the Customers more easily.

About the Company

MyAccounts started by a young and dynamic professional and now it’s a fast growing software Development company with a group of IT experts, We offer a full suite of IT solutions, Product Development services that include custom application development, software solutions, and integration services. We have a complete set of Verticals (Retail, Garments & textiles, footwear Financial Accounting Solutions, Real estate solutions) our applications fulfill every business need. 

My Accounts is constantly growing along with clients’ base and create valuable & the most trusted services. We strive to make a positive and lasting business impact by going beyond a client-Supplier relationship and becoming an extended part of our customers’ enterprise. 

We focus on performance variables like Cost, time; Quality & Service levels are improved by adopting Re – Usable process, STMS (Software Template Management System) and other Standard methods & tools. 

Our software applications serve the purpose of offline (desktop), online (web based) and dual applications, run on MS Windows platforms and Web platforms. Our applications are highly Interactive, robust, and user friendly. Many of our applications are appreciated by our esteemed clients. Our Clients who include are renowned appeals, Textiles, Jewelers, footwear, leather dealers, Mobile & all Retailers as well as independent properties. You can depend on us for the most trusted IT Solutions.

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