Mobile Presence Marketing Suite

Mobile Presence Marketing Suite

Swirl Networks


A powerful new set of capabilities designed specifically for mobile presence marketing. Whether you want to deliver highly relevant mobile experiences to in-store shoppers or increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising efforts, Swirl’s intuitive design and advanced feature set will help you take omnichannel marketing to a whole new level. 

A new and ownable datalayer for retailers

Data-driven personalization is becoming increasingly important for retail survival, and mobile presence is the fuel that will make it happen. Swirl’s platform enables retailers to take advantage of this unique capability to create an ownable consumer behavioral data asset that can be used to power more relevant marketing and service interactions at every touchpoint. 

Proximity Marketing

Swirl’s Proximity Marketing module provides retailers with the industry’s most advanced set of tools for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing in-store mobile marketing campaigns. Designed and built from the ground up by marketers for marketers, the Swirl platform offers a powerful set of capabilities to take advantage of Geofences, WiFi, VLC and Bluetooth beacon signals. Swirl’s intuitive interface and leading feature set make it easy for anyone to deliver compelling and highly targeted mobile experiences to retail store shoppers.  

Online to Offline Attribution

Swirl’s Online to Offline Attribution solution allows retailers to understand the true ROI of their digital advertising campaigns by precisely measuring the resulting store or department-level foot traffic they drive. By harnessing the power of mobile presence to verify store visits, Swirl delivers more accurate and timely behavioral data than any other attribution solution provider in the market. And better, faster data means smarter digital advertising. 

Offline to Online Retargeting

The shopping journey doesn’t always end with a store visit, so why should your marketing efforts? Swirl’s Offline to Online Retargeting solution allows retail marketers to take advantage of in-store location signals to personalize post store visit marketing efforts. Whether you want to stimulate return visits to the store or increase loyalty through online engagement, Swirl makes it easy to tailor your online messages based on in-store behaviors. 

In-Store Mobile Media Exchange (MMx)

Swirl’s In-Store Mobile Media Exchange Software takes mobile presence to the next level by enabling retailers to create their own private, in-store mobile media network. With MMx, retailers can invite their trusted brand partners to bring value-added mobile content, offers and experiences directly to shopper smartphones at specific locations within their stores. And Swirl’s precision targeting engine means that brand advertisers can be sure that they never miss another opportunity to engage with shoppers wherever their products are sold.


Leverage your location

  • Transform your brick and mortar  stores into a valuable digital asset. 

Know your customer

  • Capture and codify the behaviors of your in-store shoppers. 

Personalize your brand

  • Deliver uniquely tailored content when and where it matters most. 

Optimize your spend

  • Improve campaign performance across all of your marketing channels. 

Location signal agnostic

  • Support for a variety of location signals and hardware providers

Modular architecture, open APIs

  • Easily integrates with your existing marketing tech stack

First party data

  • Retailer originated and owned, for complete control

Trusted by industry leaders

  • Deep relationships with leading technology, marketing and media companies

Most advanced marketing tools

  • Specifically designed for mobile presence marketing

Expertise & support

  • Strategic guidance and client support backed by in-market experience gained from top retailers

About the Company

Swirl is a marketing technology company that is harnessing the power of mobile presence to enable brick and mortar retailers to get more from every shopper visit. Swirl’s Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform is the retail industry’s most advanced platform for in-store digital marketing. By leveraging the power of mobile presence, Swirl is helping retailers take advantage of their most powerful marketing asset – the retail store. The Swirl platform allows retailers to take advantage of digital location signals including geofences, WiFi, VLC and Bluetooth beacons, to create an entirely new set of customer behavioral data, and then act on this data to influence shoppers in-store, on their mobile devices and online. Swirl works with industry leaders including Lord & Taylor, Urban Outfitters, Timberland, Samsung, Oracle, Google, Facebook, Cisco and many more. Swirl is backed by top-tier investors including Twitter, Simon, Hearst, SoftBank and Longworth Venture Partners.

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