Mobile In-Store Solution

Mobile In-Store Solution

UTC Retail


Many retailers want to take advantage of mobile functionality in their stores. However, for some retailers their existing legacy point of sale software restricts them from doing so. With ReadyStore, you can quickly implement a full-featured mobile in-store solution that can improve operational efficiencies and enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers.



  • With its innovative architecture and extensive functionality, UTC RETAIL’s ReadyStore provides a cost effective and highly scalable platform for any retailer looking to quickly deploy an in-store mobile solution.

About the Company

UTC RETAIL offers a suite of store solutions, including software, hardware and services, which help retailers to thrive in the ever-changing and always accelerating retail climate. With 26 years of experience and over 450,000 store-level installations, we have been recognized as the industry leader in delivering outstanding service and exceptional value. By leveraging innovative, modern technology, our solutions provide you greater flexibility across multiple channels and platforms, and extend the long-term benefits of your investment, well into the future.

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