Mosaic Point of Sale

Mosaic Point of Sale



A complete retail point of sale solution for any platform.

Mosaic Point of Sale provides extensive cross-platform mobile point of sale functionality and its real-time capabilities make it a must-have for up-to-the second access to omni-channel product and customer information.


  • Hardware Independence.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service.
  • Sell More and Boost Margins.

About the Company

At Raymark, our mission is to deliver world-class enterprise software solutions and services that empower retailers to achieve their business vision. For nearly three decades, Raymark has been empowering retail with leading-edge enterprise software solutions that help retailers worldwide optimize stock turns, build customer loyalty, and increase sales. 

Raymark’s multi -currency, multi-language, and multi-tax capabilities make our solutions configurable on both a local and international level. Our ability to handle various types of retail business models, coupled with our global-ready functionality, are the reasons why so many top retailers choose to partner with Raymark whether they are conducting business at home or expanding into emerging markets. 

Store Operations | Whether you’re looking for a highly-configurable Point of Sale solution with E-Payment and Omni-Channel Orders or the freedom to service customers anywhere with MPOS, Raymark has the solutions you need to run your store operations in real-time. 

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