Optoro Inc.


Optoro’s multi-channel remarketing solution enables retailers to achieve higher recovery and velocity with a suite of remarketing channels that simultaneously reach millions of consumers and businesses. 

Reach millions of customers through BLINQ, our direct-to-consumer brand.

  • Simultaneous, real-time product listings across BLINQ and our network of marketplaces extend your market reach and drive greater recovery. Our automated pricing engine dynamically generates optimized pricing, utilizing a variety of inputs, including historical sales data, client business goals, product attributes and sku depth. 

Sell direct to businesses through BULQ, our business-to-business brand.

  • Drive sell-through and target smaller resellers with our B2B eCommerce site, BULQ. Our mobile app specifically caters to customers on-the-go, supporting a frequent loyal buyer base. Partner with our experienced BULQ Direct sales to sell to enterprise buyers in the U.S. and abroad. Directed sorting algorithms optimize inventory assortment to drive higher recovery and velocity.


Retailers across the country use Optoro to create more value from excess and returned inventory. 

Retailers are facing a growing set of challenges. Ecommerce sales are increasing, and with them come return rates that can be as much as four times higher than traditional retail return rates. In addition, omnichannel investments are optimizing fulfillment but creating reverse-related problems, such as inventory becoming “stuck” at the store when an online return doesn’t match SKUs carried in the physical location. These challenges threaten to add cost and complexity to retail budgets that are already under pressure. Retailers looking to remain competitive in this shifting landscape must turn their returned and excess inventory into assets. Optoro helps retailers improve their customer experience by providing returned and excess handling they can count on.


  • Automatically route inventory to the highest value disposition channel. 


  • Deploy innovative reverse logistics capabilities with limited IT resources and maintenance. 


  • Achieve high remarketing recovery and satisfy your velocity goals. 


  • Gain visibility from aggregate sales channel reporting through unit-level traceability.

About the Company

Optoro is using innovative technology to solve a large, and growing, global problem. Every year, over 15% of inventory is returned or deemed excess, costing retailers $500 billion nationwide. Optoro’s software platform helps retailers optimize the management of returned and excess inventory in a more efficient and cost-effective way, maximizing recovery value, enabling consumers to get great deals, and reducing environmental waste. Working with some of the largest retailers in the US, Optoro’s software platform has enabled its clients to maximize recovery costs by 50 - 200%. Founded in 2010, Optoro has been named one of the fastest growing companies in the US. Optoro has also received many awards and accolades, including CNBC’s Disruptor 50, EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year and the World Economic Forum’s Circular Economy Award, Most recently, Optoro was named a "Top Workplace" in DC by The Washington Post.

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