Multi-Tender Payment and Omni-Channel AD Network

Multi-Tender Payment and Omni-Channel AD Network

Red Dog Networks


Traditional payment networks (like Amex or Visa) can provide the location and transactional amount, but can't connect the activity to the consumer's decision-making process or to the advertised channel prompting the items purchased.
With the eCurrenC multi-tender payments and omni-channel advertising network:

  • You can easily combine different forms of payment -- like coupons, loyalty points (airline, banking, etc.), vouchers (like insurance, telephony and monetary),  government assistance (SNAP, WIC, FEMA, etc.), rebates, social and gaming currencies, crypto-currencies, credit, debit, and cash in a single transaction.
  • It can connect all digital marketing activity with all online and offline purchasing channels to attract multiple demographics to calculate ROI on Ad Spend.
  • Automated real-time processing to measure customer engagement, such as display, save, purchase, invoicing and settlement -- "closing the loop" .
  • Payments are directly connected to the transaction AND the item purchased at the Point-Of-Sale to show the true "path to purchase" of that item.
  • Data is fed to the entire supply chain process -- consumer targeting, forecasting, MRP, etc.


  • Ultimately, the eCurrenC network will connect to a variety of point-of-sale (POS) systems, payment terminals, mobile phones, and other devices to the cloud --  all working together to engage with the consumer for all types of businesses.

About the Company

Red Dog Networks builds the eCurrenC product that is a Multi-Tender Payment and Omni-Channel Advertising Network.  It’s a subscriber-based service designed for creating, tracking, distributing, managing, reporting on, redeeming, settling, archiving, disbursing, and accounting of electronic currencies.  

The eCurrenC Platform is an electronic system from end to end, using no paper.  This platform enables Consumers to save or accumulate points, incentives, or vouchers online and automatically redeem those as currency in participating brick-and-mortar stores, for goods and services.  Consumers simply present an identifier such as a NFC or HCE token, phone number, or a loyalty card at the Point of Sale.

This platform provides companies (e.g., banks, airlines, retailers, manufacturers, etc) the ability to create digital currencies (e.g., points, vouchers, coupons, and rebates) and distribute them anywhere.  Companies can also develop consumer facing applications (e.g., Mobile apps, mobile wallets, beacons, email, video ad insertion, loyalty programs, social networking advertisements, and gaming software) to allow consumers to save, manage, and redeem all of these forms of tender types online and offline at any participating retailer.

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