MXNet - Deep Learning Framework of Choice at AWS

MXNet - Deep Learning Framework of Choice at AWS

Amazon Web Services


MXNet is a fully-featured, flexibly-programmable and ultra-scalable deep learning framework supporting state-of-the-art deep models including convolutional neural networks (CNNs), and long short-term memory networks (LSTMs). MXNet, available through open source under the Apache-2 license, has its roots in academia and came about through the collaboration and contributions of researchers at several top universities. Founding institutions include the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon University.
Running MXnet on AWS provides a highly scalable, flexible and fast model training experience for developers using deep learning. AWS provides Deep Learning AMIs and CloudFormation templates optimized for both CPU and GPU EC2 instances.


  • Native Distributed Training Supported: Supports distributed training on multiple CPU/GPU machines to take advantage of Cloud scale. 
  • Flexible Programming Model: Supports both imperative and symbolic programming maximizing efficiency and productivity. 
  • Portable from the Cloud to the Client: Runs on CPUs or GPUs, on clusters, servers, desktops, or mobile phones. 
  • Multi-Lingual | No Need to Learn a New Language: Support for building and training models in Python, R, Scala, Julia, and C++.  Pre-trained models can be used for prediction in even more languages like Matlab or Javascript. 
  • Performance Optimized: Optimized C++ backend engine parallelizes both I/O and computation and performs optimally no matter the language you program.


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