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As a Master Agent, you need a business solution that streamlines your day to day operations and allows tracking the stock going to each of your dealers. With PremierWireless, we set the standard by allowing you to track your sales from warehouse to dealer and offering multiple reports which show all of the important information you need including customizations for daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly sales totals. With integrated sales, inventory, commission’s management for both employees and store commissions, and much more, the opportunities for a Master Agent and their dealers are almost limitless. 


For day to day operations, having quick easy access to all of your utilities and tools is a must, but at the same time, you want to make sure that your information is kept safe and secure from people both outside and inside the company. PremierWireless covers all of your bases! With an integrated web browser that allows you to enter in any carrier or dealer site you need, a secure system to enter in your passwords WITHOUT giving them to employees, and other customizable features, we make sure that your information stays with you, and only you, no matter which carriers you deal in! 


As a wireless dealer, you need a Point-Of-Sale that is tailored specifically towards your business. PremierWireless was built with the cellular industry in mind, and we made sure to include all of the features that you need and want, as well as some you haven’t even thought of. We work closely with our customers to make sure that we have everything you need by having an experienced technical support team on hand 7 days a week. With PremierWireless, you’ll have 24/7 access to your inventory, sales information, employee and customer databases, and so much more from any computer with an internet connection. With no additional fees for training or technical support, you’ll have your employees up and running on the software in no time.





Opening and closing shifts in PremierWireless is easy and fast. PremierWireless keeps track of opening and closing cash drawer counts to help you quickly identify problems. 


PremierWireless is fully integrated with both Qpay and TIO for real-time bill payment processing from within the software. One system will help streamline your business by eliminating double entry, simplifying payment tracking and reconciliation, and reducing customer wait time. 


New sales can be completed in a variety of ways depending on your hardware configuration. Barcode scanners can be used to select phones, accessories, and services. A product filter is available for configurations that do not include a barcode scanner. This user friendly and adaptable system makes PremierWireless the choice for any dealer needing a point-of-sale solution. 


PremierWireless has an unlimited ability to create and manage inventory. Inventory has traditionally been a very difficult area for any dealer to manage and oversee. PremierWireless gives you the ability to transfer inventory between stores, make internal adjustments, manage revenue distribution and even place current rebates on selected products. With a full bar coding system, you can use the manufacturer’s UPC or create your own and print barcodes to tag items as soon as they are received into inventory. 


The orders section allows you to manage your orders effectively and has many unique filter abilities. It is simple to place your order information and receive those shipments with the ability to track shipping cost and information in real-time from its destination to your store. Our suggestive ordering feature communicates vital levels to keep your inventory complete. 


Scan audits are a great feature designed to help keep your inventory accounts accurate. Audits can be done in-store by employees, and can be reviewed immediately by management. PremierWireless does all the reconciliation work for you. The completed scan audits from the individual stores are color coded, showing results for discrepancies to be easily identified. Reviewing, managing, editing, and updating the inventory through the management system is simple and easy to do. Monitoring product theft and errors by your sales team will assist you in managing your business. 


PremierWireless allows you to track a large variety of customer information, you can track as little or as much information as you see fit. Tracking customer information can help your sales representatives to establish and maintain customer relationships by utilizing customer data for mail-outs, e-mail campaigns, and follow up calls. 


PremierWireless is partnered with and TransFirst to offer fully integrated merchant services at competitive rates. This will eliminate the need for double entry, which will in turn help reduce transaction times and errors. Processing through PremierWireless can help reduce your costs and improve employee efficiency. 


PremierWireless has a fully customizable carrier interface that can be configured to use any carrier website interfaces you need access to. With a built in carrier window, your sales team will never need to leave PremierWireless to access the allowed carrier websites. 


This management system is a truly unique and useful way to assist the dealers who purchase and sell used phones as a part of their business. Purchasing a used phone through PremierWireless allows you to enter all the pertinent information on that used phone, allowing your sales team to quickly sell a used phone. Take multiple pictures from any angle that can be viewed by your sales team or to show a customer what is available at any of your nearby stores. 


PremierWireless offers real-time reporting features so you have access from anywhere at anytime. Currently, PremierWireless provides over 80 different reports including various inventory, sales and shift reports. The Report Center will allow you to print and export your reports in multiple formats. 


PremierWireless offers industry-leading technical support, available 7 days a week at no additional hourly cost to subscribers. Our support staff is dedicated to making sure you have the technical support and training you need to keep your business running smoothly. 

About the Company

PremierWireless is a point-of-sale software developed for wireless retail. We have developed a point-of-sale that is functional, versatile and will help to protect your investment, products and employees while growing your business! Managing inventory, preventing theft and generating reports to assist your accounting department have all been developed and are an integral part of what makes PremierWireless truly unique!! PremierWireless is packed with useful features, some of which include: Qpay & TIO real-time Bill Payment Integration, Merchant Services Integration, Carrier Interfacing, ESN Tracking with Rebate Tracker, New & Used Phone Management System, Inventory System with Scan Audits & Reconciliation and Numerous Customizable Reports.

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