Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

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Secret Shopper® is an industry leader in on-site evaluations. These evaluations include quality assurance audits, customer satisfaction surveys, compliance audits, and merchandising and competitor shops. Once a shopper completes their training and has qualified for and been assigned to a shop, they receive client-specific instructions on how to complete the shop successfully.  After performing the shop, they submit the results online, and all shop results are stored and available in various reports to help you effectively analyze the data.  These reports are custom designed to suit your individual specifications and, with our in-house programming staff, we are able to change existing reports to suit your ever-changing needs. Secret Shopper® is a leading provider of Recorded Telephone Audits as well. Our state of the art technology and professional Call Center Personnel are trained to facilitate your customized Telephone Audit Program to your exact specifications.


  • Competitor information helps design pricing and customer service strategies to grow your bottom line and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Excellent customer phone service will assure that the customer walks through the door. Our phone programs ensure top notch phone etiquette.
  • We partner with you to develop training programs, which drive exceptional customer experiences.

About the Company

Since 1990, Secret Shopper® has delivered actionable intelligence to our clients, helping to drive exceptional bottom-line performance. Millions of shoppers have registered at our website and been trained over the years. We have performed millions of mystery shops throughout North America, Europe & the Caribbean. The market intelligence we gather for our clients is verified by our highly trained, motivated, and professional in-house staff; we do not outsource any of our business. Our in house IT staff can customize reporting and mobile applications to meet your exact requirements as well. Use Secret Shopper® to help inspect your daily store interactions, monitor front line employee phone effectiveness (recorded phone call audits), and check your competitors’ pricing and sales strategies. Secret Shopper’s large and geographically diverse shopper pool enables quick verification of product placement, pricing and stock levels. Together we can deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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