Native Ad Platform

Native Ad Platform



Generate revenue from every visitor to your e-commerce site. Spotfront's automated software makes it easy for retailers to offer unique advertising products

Native Promoted Products: Using Spotfront, retailers can integrate promoted products into their web, mobile and email platforms. Promote units can be product tiles, custom units, or dynamic content.

Self-Service Interface for Retailers and Brands: Promote’s simple self-service dashboard gives retailers and brands the ability to easily build and manage their promoted product campaigns.

Intelligent Auction Technology: Promote automatically matches shoppers with promoted products that match their interests through a unique real-time auction process.


  • Retailers: Generate incremental revenue by offering promoted product capabilities to your brands. Spotfront’s software makes it easy.
  • Brands: Gain the ability to promote your products on your retailer’s e-commerce sites with native marketing that outperforms traditional display by 10x.
  • Shoppers: Receive unique promoted products that are personalized to match your actual interests and shopping behavior, instead of intrusive banner ads.

About the Company

Spotfront is a native ad platform for the next generation of ecommerce. Our technology helps retailers and brands collaborate to deliver thoughtful promoted products to their customers. The result is an improved ecommerce experience for shoppers, brands, and retailers. 

Google made over $5BN as the dominant player in the PLA market last year, but there are thousands of ecommerce companies with intent data as good/better that want in. We work for them. 

Spotfront is profitable, growing quickly, and building sophisticated enteprise ad-tech.

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